Find out how to get the maximum results out of the least amount of exercise time.

Get Motivated

Get the motivation and inspiration you need to stick with your program.

Body & Mind

Our trainers will help you develop a healthier mindset.

Injury Prevention

Learn how to recover from an injury and how to prevent future injuries.

Are you tired of feeling...

  • Insecure about your body?
  • Like your best years are behind you?
  • Frustrated that your efforts aren't working?
  • Clueless about what to do in a gym?
  • Held back by your health & fitness?
  • Like your weight is out of control?

Personal Trainers are coaches that are dedicated to helping you realize your true fitness potential. Great Personal Trainers: Educate, Motivate, and Inspire.

And like great coaches, the best Personal Trainers know that the study of movement and nutrition can convey useful lessons of life – from increased confidence and self-esteem to improved discipline and focus.

You need a Personal Trainer!

Group Personal Training

Team Training

Do you need a KICK start to your weight loss goals? Team training is the answer to ignite the fire in YOU! It can supplement your personal training program or to amp up your daily workout routine. The small group setting allows for individual coaching and training from our certified professionals who will push you to your limits! Team Training provides a fun & encouraging environment.

We have 4 & 6 week training cycles with fun themes.
Morning & Evening Options are available.

Join us for a Training Cycle or Purchase a Team Training membership!

Defying Gravity Bungee Training

24/7’s Defying Gravity Bungee Training program is a low impact, motion based, resistance training program that allows the user the needed buoyancy to perform exercises they might not be able to perform without assistance – no pain on joints!  With the added benefit of increased blood and lymphatic flow which is the key to overall health.

  • Weightless Training
  • High Cardio
  • Low Body Impact
  • Increased Stamina
  • Strength
  • Core Development
  • Muscle Toning
  • Improved Balance
  • For all ages, shapes & sizes