Kristin Bernard

The day I saw myself in these pictures, I did not even recognize who I was. I didn’t feel on the inside like the girl on the outside. After having 2 kids, I took care of everyone but, myself. I could not believe that that was me! I started by getting a personal trainer because I was embarrassed to walk in a gym without knowing what to do. Then, I started taking Bodypump classes and Spin classes and learned to love exercise.

Growing up a dancer, I thought fitness was more for athletes. Through Group Fitness classes, I found workouts that I actually loved to do that were choreographed to music. Now, I had to learn everything. It wasn’t just about losing weight. It was about being healthy. Not just taking care of my kids but, taking care of my kid’s mom (me!). I went back to college and took human development and nutrition classes. I got control of my nutrition, counted my calories, and watched myportions.

In a matter of months, I lost over 50 lbs. My friends and coworkers were so amazed they asked me to teach them how I had done it. That gave me the inspiration to start getting all my fitness certifications. I wanted to pass the gift of knowledge I had gained onto others. I began to choreograph my own workouts and started my own class. I have helped my class members lose weight, regain confidence and reclaim their health.  I now LOVE sharing the gift of fitness and health with others. It is more than a job, it is my ministry.