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In an ideal world, we would all train like the stars. We would have our own personal trainer 7 days a week. The reality is, having a full time trainer on staff is NOT affordable for most people. If you want the results without the expense, Team Training is for you!

Team Trainingg

Are you stuck in plateau? Do you need a KICK start to your weight loss goals? Team training is the answer to ignite the fire in YOU! It can supplement your personal training program or to amp up your daily workout routine. The small group setting, gives individuals coaching and training from our certified professionals who will push you to your limits! The small group atmosphere creates a fun encouraging TEAM environment.

How is Team Training DIFFERENT from Group Exercise Classes?

Group Exercise Class   Team Training Session
An instructor does the workout as class participants mimick movements The trainer coaches the participants by explaining the movement and then observing and instructing
Free at most facilities Most affordable training option because participants split the cost of the trainer while getting personalized attention
Although certifications are preferred, they are not always required nor program specific Certified professionals only
Unlimited number of participants Limited spots available
Movement modifications are suggested but instructor cannot always see participants to correct bad form or to prevent injuries By constantly observing, team trainers immediately detect bad form and assign modifications based on each individual’s limitations
Programming is designed for the masses Programming is designed to achieve specific team goals
Instructor motivates but it is up to each individual to push themselves hard enough Trainer pushes each individual beyond their own perceived abilities
No accountability, participants can show up when they choose and are rarely contacted when they miss Trainer provides accountability for individual and follows up if sessions are missed
Results are often ambiguous and slow coming Results are significant and often substantiated by pre- and post-measurements