Jump Start Program


  1. Quick Start class (aka Equipment 101)

Equipment 101 is an energizing 1-hour session with a 24/7 certified Personal Trainer showing you how to safely use the cable equipment on the gym floor. We understand ‘gym-timidation’ is a real t
hing and one of the biggest factors is because people are unfamiliar with these specific fitness tools.


The first time you use a new microwave or smart TV, it can be a little bit confusing – fitness equipment is no different.  One of our highly-skilled professionals will help you navigate the confusion and gladly answer all your personal questions about the gym floor machinery while you get a great workout! We have convenient times that fit your schedule.



  1. Goal Mapping Session

Health and fitness ARE NOT mysterious. Our Goal Mapping session is a 45-minute guided tour through what to expect on your journey to achieve your health and fitness goals. We ‘connect the goal-setting-imagedots’ on things like calories, metabolism, sugar, cardio exercise vs lifting weights, toning, and answer any questions you may have.


95% of the people who join a gym without first setting specific goals DO NOT succeed. From our many years of experience, we’ve seen that the failure is usually a result of poor planning rather than lack of desire and motivation. Our specific goal-setting assistance is proven to put you ahead in the race to success!


    3._Free Fitness Analysis
Roadmap-to-Success-2 (1)Getting ‘into shape’, like any journey, is an “assess” and “re-assess” process. If you are going on a trip, looking at road signs is your driving assessment/re-assessment. If you are heading from Huntsville to Atlanta and the road sign reads ‘Welcome to Mississippi’, you would know it’s time to change which way you are going! The Free Fitness Analysis is a 30-minute assessment with one of our dependable 24/7 coaches so you know which is the best road to take. Our expert staff will assess your flexibility, strength and movement patterns because  illuminating focal points will add power to your engine and get you to the results you want! Convenient times are available to accommodate every schedule!


Roadmap-to-Success-2 (1)