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Weather Cancellations

31 August

  Due to the increased chances of severe weather this afternoon and evening, we are cancelling all classes and Kidz Zone for the evening. If you have personal training scheduled for this evening, please contact your trainer to confirm or reschedule your session. Please be safe and stay weather aware!

06 July

The Night I Couldn’t Get You Off My Mind

I usually write these articles during the day.  I try to build it into my workday so that I can keep “work at work”. But this article is different. I’m sitting on my couch and it’s 9:26pm.  This last week has been pretty busy.  It was one of those weeks where work life and personal life were both super busy. Even I struggled to find time to take care of myself each day.

That’s news to some people.  They assume that because I work in the fitness industry that I must never struggle with food temptations or wanting to skip a workout. I have it easier than most, truth be told. This stuff, this healthy life stuff… is what I do for a living.  So it’s always front of mind for me, and at this point in life I have a nice track record of eating well and working out. In other words, I’ve developed some nice habits that work well for me.  And I’ve also learned a lot of tools over the years too. One of those tools that is useful to me right now as I type this article is this: always move with inspiration.

All night I kept thinking about you. How most of you reading this are working full time jobs, raising kids, and doing what it takes to be healthy. That’s a lot. And I am in awe of you. I just keep thinking about how amazing I think you are and that inspiration has me typing this article at what is now 9:39pm. Making a life transformation is tough.  It’s rough.  It’s not for the faint of heart – and it’s the major reason most of us spend a lifetime gaining weight and then losing weight and then gaining weight again. It’s the yo-yo cycle that we’ve all tasted at one time.




But at some point you decided to pull up your big girl (or big boy) britches and do something different. It reminds me of that quote from Albert Einstein that says “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” You and Einstein get it. You figured out that the best way to change your life and get healthy once and for all was to do something different.  And that’s how we connected. So tonight, I raise my glass of water to you!

Cheers for being amazing and stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing what it takes to be the leader of your own life. And if you haven’t had the chance to meet our staff yet, then let’s get something scheduled.   We just spend some time together chatting about your goals – what is it that you really want from life? The ability to play tag with your kids and not be out of breathe?  To be able to fit into your favorite pair of jeans from 5 years ago?  Maybe to wow your high school friends at your upcoming reunion?  Or maybe just to prove to yourself that you are amazing and capable?

We’ll share what we do here, answer all of your questions, and show you around.  If you like what you see and hear then we can talk about the services we provide.  If not, that’s ok too.  Like I said, it’s just a conversation and we’re looking forward to it.

Like I said, this article is different.  It’s about our members and the people in my life that are doing it despite – well… despite life happening.  Cheers (again) to you!


A Lesson from Geese on Teamwork

28 June

I thought this week I’d write about geese.

Yup.  Geese.

When geese fly in the V formation, each benefits from the updraft (71% increase in efficiency, I believe).

Often as the lead goose tires, another will cycle forward to assume that key role.

Whenever a goose falls ill, two will drop from formation to stay with their sick comrade… until they recover or pass on.

Geese honk to encourage each other to keep up the hard work.

Who knew?

What powerful lessons in teamwork, shared leadership, and compassion for others.

This is one of the reasons I invite everyone from our community to check out what we do here at 24/7 Health Club and Wellness Center.

You’ll never find yourself alone.  You’ll always have the support, guidance, and teamwork from me, the staff, and from other members.

Sometimes (ok, most of the time) nature is smarter than we are.  Geese know how to fly to cut down on the resistance they face when flying.  They know how to motivate each other.  They know how to reach their goal.

That last line holds the key.

I think  we can all relate to the person or people in our lives that pull us down or sabotage our efforts.

But we also have those that help us, lift us up, support us, and motivate us.  And these people are key to reaching our results – especially when we’re talking about health and fitness.

I wish I could sell a magic service in which all you had to do was sprinkle some sugar on your head for 3 seconds and you’d magically get to be any weight and any level of health that you desired.

Wouldn’t that be great?

But you and I both know that lifetime health is a journey.  Just like the geese fly long distances… it’s this journey that tests who we are and what those around us are made of.

May we emulate geese on our journey.  May we get support and may we take the leadership role from time to time when people in our lives need it the most.

We’d love the chance to talk with you about what we do here at 24/7 Health Club and Wellness Center.  We’ll talk about you, your goals, and how to reach those goals.

Much Love, 24/7



CrossFit Kids Coming this fall!

27 June

Speed, strength, stamina, power! Crossfit kids is coming to Rocket City Crossfit on Winchester Rd! Enroll by August 12 for half price.  

Launching September 12. Forging elite fitness in kids beginning at age 3. Perfect for sports training!

Feel Better Almost Immediately

10 January

3 Often Over-Looked Things You Can Do to Feel Better Almost Immediately

Health is more than just calories in and calories out.  It’s how we feel physically and emotionally.

With 2017 newly gracing the stage many of us are focused on weight loss.

If we’re being honest… most of us are looking for the quickest and most painless way to reach our weight loss goals.  We’re not looking to don our track suits and sweatbands, ya know.

We just want to look and feel better… NOW.

I get it.  Weight loss is a weird thing.

No one really enjoys doing what it takes to reach their weight loss goals.  No one really LOVES to work out and skip yummy cookies and desserts.

And if you do LOVE that kinda thing… well then you spend your life working in the health and fitness industry like me.

Here are 3 things that we share with our members to feel better.  They’re often over-looked, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work.

  • Drink lots of water. We know you read this one a million times, but how much water are you actually drinking?  We challenge you to only drink water for the next 30 days.  If you must drink coffee or tea then make it decaf (or herbal) and limit it to a single cup once per day.
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep. When you start a weight loss program your body is going to expend more energy.  It’s going to need proper rest so that it can keep burning that stored fat.  Most of us area already sleep deprived as it is… so adding in a weight loss routine just knocks us out even more.  Take care of your body and get some sleep.
  • Get active every day. Do we want you to have a workout routine where you are pushing your body to get healthy and lose extra fat?    But even if all you can commit to is a brisk 45 – 60 minute walk every day then do it.  Walking and being active helps is feel better.  If you can get outdoors and bring along a friend.

We’re all about keeping your weight loss goals and plans realistic.  The last thing we want you to do is start some intense workout plan or strict meal plan when we all know it won’t last.  You’ve tried that before, right?

We know that if you workout on your own or start some random diet you read about in a book… well the community, the coaching, the support isn’t there.  You’re left to your own devices to figure out what you should do and when.

So let’s make 2017 different.  Let’s get you set up with a program that makes sense for you, your life, and your goals.  Let’s make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

Visit the front desk or call today to schedule your FREE goal planning session with a 24/7 fitness coach.  We’ll work out a plan to reach your goals and ensure that you’re focusing on what matters and leaving the rest of the confusing stuff behind.

Huntsville Club – 256-851-0574

Harvest Club – 256-851-2473

3 Ways to Enjoy Your Workouts More

25 October

There are some people that love working out.  They think it’s enjoyable – dare I say, fun.  They like waking up early, putting on workout clothes, hitting the gym, and sweating.

Most people are not like these workout-loving weirdos (and yes, we have our share of weirdo’s on staff too!)

Don’t get me wrong… my clients now love to workout but it’s only because they did the hard work to get started, found a way to stay motivated, and let’s be honest… because they’re seeing results.

So after all of my years of experience I boiled down 3 ways to enjoy your workouts more.

  • dance-108915_640Listen to music – this may be something you’ve heard before, but it bears repeating. Listening to something you enjoy keeps your mind off the clock and keeps it engaged with something it enjoys.  Here’s where a lot of people get stuck though – they listen to the same playlist over and over until they’re bored out of their minds.

Mix it up!  Listen to books on Audible, new stations on Pandora or Spotify, or one of the many niche stations on Sirius XM.  The point is to listen to what you enjoy – be that political pundits, opera, stand-up comedy, or heavy metal.

  • women-in-workout-class1Workout with others – this is another one you may have heard before but it usually sounds like this: workout with a friend. What if you don’t have a friend that wants to workout and has the same schedule as you?

I think we can broaden this a bit.  Working out with others can mean just you and a trainer – so long as your trainer motivates you and inspires you.  You can also meet new people where you workout – this not only enlarges your circle of friends, but gives you the chance to meet people that also care about their health.

  • Start the correct program for you – I see people who have specific goals doing the wrong program a lot. While doing any movement is better than nothing, not everyone should be doing the same program.  An extreme example of this is a high school athlete looking to increase her vertical jump versus an elderly senior looking to build up bone density.  We all have specific goals and you want to ensure that the program you’re on is the right one for you.  This leads to faster results and that is a powerful way to stay motivated.

The 3 ways to enjoy your workout are just the tip of the iceberg.  Our goal is to get you from being “eh” about working out to loving it.  The fasttrack_headeasiest way to get started on your goals is to take advantage of the Fast Track Program.  During the eight session program, you will learn how to workout correctly, sample a variety of programs available at 24/7, meet people with similar goals as you and most importantly, you will have FUN!

Stop by the front desk or give us a call now so we can get you on the path to an amazing transformation!

Get Ribbon Run Ready!

04 August
Run Date: Saturday October 15th
Team Leader: Nikia Banks
24/7 Health Club Instructor


Train for 5k with Nikia in Couch to 5k Class
(classes last 30 minutes)

How to Create Posts

11 April

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Research Issues for University Students

08 April

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Engineering Issues for Research Papers

05 April

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