A Lesson from Geese on Teamwork

28 June

I thought this week I’d write about geese.

Yup.  Geese.

When geese fly in the V formation, each benefits from the updraft (71% increase in efficiency, I believe).

Often as the lead goose tires, another will cycle forward to assume that key role.

Whenever a goose falls ill, two will drop from formation to stay with their sick comrade… until they recover or pass on.

Geese honk to encourage each other to keep up the hard work.

Who knew?

What powerful lessons in teamwork, shared leadership, and compassion for others.

This is one of the reasons I invite everyone from our community to check out what we do here at 24/7 Health Club and Wellness Center.

You’ll never find yourself alone.  You’ll always have the support, guidance, and teamwork from me, the staff, and from other members.

Sometimes (ok, most of the time) nature is smarter than we are.  Geese know how to fly to cut down on the resistance they face when flying.  They know how to motivate each other.  They know how to reach their goal.

That last line holds the key.

I think  we can all relate to the person or people in our lives that pull us down or sabotage our efforts.

But we also have those that help us, lift us up, support us, and motivate us.  And these people are key to reaching our results – especially when we’re talking about health and fitness.

I wish I could sell a magic service in which all you had to do was sprinkle some sugar on your head for 3 seconds and you’d magically get to be any weight and any level of health that you desired.

Wouldn’t that be great?

But you and I both know that lifetime health is a journey.  Just like the geese fly long distances… it’s this journey that tests who we are and what those around us are made of.

May we emulate geese on our journey.  May we get support and may we take the leadership role from time to time when people in our lives need it the most.

We’d love the chance to talk with you about what we do here at 24/7 Health Club and Wellness Center.  We’ll talk about you, your goals, and how to reach those goals.

Much Love, 24/7