3 Ways to Enjoy Your Workouts More

25 October

There are some people that love working out.  They think it’s enjoyable – dare I say, fun.  They like waking up early, putting on workout clothes, hitting the gym, and sweating.

Most people are not like these workout-loving weirdos (and yes, we have our share of weirdo’s on staff too!)

Don’t get me wrong… my clients now love to workout but it’s only because they did the hard work to get started, found a way to stay motivated, and let’s be honest… because they’re seeing results.

So after all of my years of experience I boiled down 3 ways to enjoy your workouts more.

  • dance-108915_640Listen to music – this may be something you’ve heard before, but it bears repeating. Listening to something you enjoy keeps your mind off the clock and keeps it engaged with something it enjoys.  Here’s where a lot of people get stuck though – they listen to the same playlist over and over until they’re bored out of their minds.

Mix it up!  Listen to books on Audible, new stations on Pandora or Spotify, or one of the many niche stations on Sirius XM.  The point is to listen to what you enjoy – be that political pundits, opera, stand-up comedy, or heavy metal.

  • women-in-workout-class1Workout with others – this is another one you may have heard before but it usually sounds like this: workout with a friend. What if you don’t have a friend that wants to workout and has the same schedule as you?

I think we can broaden this a bit.  Working out with others can mean just you and a trainer – so long as your trainer motivates you and inspires you.  You can also meet new people where you workout – this not only enlarges your circle of friends, but gives you the chance to meet people that also care about their health.

  • Start the correct program for you – I see people who have specific goals doing the wrong program a lot. While doing any movement is better than nothing, not everyone should be doing the same program.  An extreme example of this is a high school athlete looking to increase her vertical jump versus an elderly senior looking to build up bone density.  We all have specific goals and you want to ensure that the program you’re on is the right one for you.  This leads to faster results and that is a powerful way to stay motivated.

The 3 ways to enjoy your workout are just the tip of the iceberg.  Our goal is to get you from being “eh” about working out to loving it.  The fasttrack_headeasiest way to get started on your goals is to take advantage of the Fast Track Program.  During the eight session program, you will learn how to workout correctly, sample a variety of programs available at 24/7, meet people with similar goals as you and most importantly, you will have FUN!

Stop by the front desk or give us a call now so we can get you on the path to an amazing transformation!